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Modern Business Etiquette Training

We help you become something better than you are now by becoming the best you can be through modern business etiquette training. Whether your desire is to improve the performance of your organization, obtain a promotion, secure a leadership role or make that important business deal, we equip you with tools and strategies to maximize your success.

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Etiquette Training for Modern Youth

Living in a fast-paced, technology-centered world, The Etiquette Institute of Ohio prepares children ages 7-12 and young adults 13-19 with real-world skills students need to thrive in modern society and develop into confident adults. Cathi wants to help your children reveal the greatest version of themselves through strengthening their soft skills thru private coaching, online courses, group training and summer camps.

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Etiquette Expert

Cathi Fallon is the Founder and Director of The Etiquette Institute of Ohio an etiquette consultancy firm specializing in business and social etiquette training that gets to the bottom of what takes leaders to the top. She is dedicated to inspiring professionals with improving their personal brand, polishing their executive presence and enhancing their high-level soft skills to become the best version of themselves.

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1. It’s all about your success

Cathi’s primary goal is that your event is a raving success. She knows how to genuinely connect one-on-one with an audience and move people to action.

2. Customizing Presentations Based on Your Desired Outcome

Cathi is a leading etiquette expert in high level soft skills, emotional intelligence and executive presence thru business etiquette and leadership training. She will listen and work with you to custom tailor a presentation that fits your desired outcomes.

3. Engaging and Interactive

Cathi loves to engage, equip and empower her audience with down to earth, practical tips and strategies that may be implemented immediately to raise their level of professional and career performance.

4. Actionable Takeaways and Strategies

Cathi knows the key to a successful presentation is the bottom line transforming takeaways. Action steps are key to opening doors that raise the audience’s level of performance.  

Cathi partners with small, medium and Fortune 500 companies to design and deliver interactive presentations’ that will challenge and engage the audience to raise their level of performance and leadership impact.


Columbus, Ohio

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The Etiquette Institute of Ohio is a distinguished etiquette consultancy firm specializing in modern business, social etiquette and leadership training to adults and youth in Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. Through interactive workshops, private coaching and public speaking appearances, we design training to meet the etiquette needs of corporations, universities, organizations and schools.



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Working with Cathi Fallon should be required of every professional. Learning from her has provided me with more confidence and poise both in my personal and professional life. Now I stand out for all the right reasons. Hands down, this is the best use of time and money that a professional can spend on their career.
Carole Dorn-Bell, Partner
Allerton Hill Consulting

I have only positive things to say about my experience with Cathi! She is extremely passionate, professional, and dedicated. She went above and beyond to ensure her instruction was tailored specifically for the attendees to gain the most knowledge. Cathi taught skills especially pertinent in the corporate world, filled with networking and professional dining guidance. The feedback we received after our event was overwhelming positive from all who attended! I highly recommend Cathi and The Etiquette Institute of Ohio.

Hannah Weingold, Corporate Analyst
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

I have had the professional pleasure of knowing Cathi well over 10 years. She is polished and very knowledgeable in her business. Always on the cutting edge of how America’s social skills are changing, Her pulse is right on target. A wonderful teacher and role model for all of her students, no matter the age. I would sincerely recommend Cathi to meet the needs of your business.

Catherine Holloway
Ohio's Leading Certified Etiquette Expert